Hosting your WordPress Small Business Web Site on Midphase and using Auto-Install | Episode 10 Local Knowledge

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In our session today, Episode 10 (run time 9:54) we cover how to get your small business web site and blog hosted and activated with our recommended web host MidPhase using a method called auto-install (also called a one-click install). In our next video how-to session we’ll cover how to select a FREE or Pro WordPress design for less than $100.

You may want to watch my previous posts on this topic where I have covered the reason why we recommend WordPress for your small business web site and blog. We also covered how to select a WordPress host which includes a useful web resource where you can read independent reviews on WordPress hosts.

By clicking on my link to MidPhase and then entering my discount code “GOTAPEX-ROX-01” (no quotes) during the order process you’ll get three months of free hosting plus your domain name FREE for life. Make sure your MidPhase order confirmation page reflects the discount. The package should come out to less than $72 in total hosting costs for the year (12 months) at which time you’ll renew for the next year. Disclaimer: I receive a small commission if you sign up with MidPhase that helps me defray the cost of delivering Local Na8ion. Even if I wasn’t paid this fee we’d still recommend MidPhase because we’ve used them and they’ve lived up to their marketing claims.

I also mention in my video today that you should pick up a copy of WordPress For Dummies by Lisa Sabin-Wilson. It’s the perfect desk reference and self-paced study guide to help you learn WordPress. Grab a copy of WordPress For Dummies today.

Let’s recap why we recommend WordPress for small businesses in the first place.

From my Jan. 28, 2008 post “We Recommend WordPress for Small Business

“It’s FREE, easy to use and update, has more built-in Local SEO Goodness than any comparable product, and you can use it to power your regular web site, not just a blog.”


“Did we mention that WordPress has an active community of over 10,000 contributors? They’re busy year-round making new theme designs that you can use on your site (most are free to use) along with adding specialty features and functionality (called plug-ins in WordPress) that do everything from power a job board, help you run a newspaper, or make the SEO goodness in WordPress even better.”

I hope you enjoy today’s video and as always, let me know your questions and comments.

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editor Local Na8ion
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I am a happy midPhase affiliate and use and recommend their service. The majority of products and services I recommend do not pay me. But on the rare occasion where I’m both very satisfied with a product/service AND they have an affiliate program I will happily use it! If you’re interested in an alternative to midphase that is faster (also more expensive) try MediaLayer’s AppLayer hosting -it’s awesome!

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