5 Responses to "Help Wanted – Blogger"
  1. We’ve been successfully running ads on our job board for bloggers since last 2005. See http://www.CollegeRecruiter.com/insightblog/ . As a result, we have hundreds of students and other candidates writing for us.

  2. Some of us old folk who are getting into blogging just now – still trying to find our way – cannot keep up! My God, what next? Blogs that dispense cappuccino fratte latte? What with uCheeze and now blogs as job boards and blogs on MySpace and pictures on Recruitomatic – it enough to drive me back to the print classifieds, yellow pages!


  3. Darren says:

    thanks for the link Julian!

  4. jinfinite8 says:

    Hi Steven, are your bloggers compensated with $ or from the exposure to potential employers? Regardless, have any gone on to write professionally or pursue a blogging career? I had fun reading some of their posts just now – there were some good insights and memories of \’starting out\’ came back to me in a rush. Thanks for your comment!

    – Julian

  5. Several have been extended offers because their posts were seen on the site. Several have landed writing jobs because of coaching they’ve gained on the site as well as exposure. Several have fine tuned their searches because of the things we offer. There’s a little bit of a lot for just about everyone (don’t want to overstate the case).

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