Google’s Secure Search Changes SEO and Analytics

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If you want more secure web searching on google from public wifi you're <em>walking in tall cotton</em> (that's southern for good). Unfortunately, if you have a business website or manage SEO, analytics or web conversion marketing for a website the news isn't so great...

Google is moving searches for logged in Google users (e.g. gmail) to secure servers (https) that will not report rich keyword data we’re used to using for search engine optimization and web conversion marketing. 

Making Search More Secure 

If you’re a webmaster or SEO you’ll want to read about what information you’ll still have access to with Google Webmasters:

Google Webmasters – Accessing Search Query Data from your sites

Here’s a reaction from an effected industry player with some good background info on the change and what to do about it. 

I’ve got 99 problems but Google isn’t one

Esteemed search engine optimization expert Rand Fishkin from published an emergency whiteboard session this past with a complete wrap up of impacts.


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