Google+ Is Going To Mess Up The Internet

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Jon Mitchell has a rant on Google+ on ReadWriteWeb. There are four takeaways I’d like to draw your attention too with regard to Google+

  • Google+ (and their connected Google Profiles) could easily become the new LinkedIn. Your Google profile on Google+ is already a resume. A modern one. Why have a resume when your google profile is so complete and highly indexed? There is no barrier to google expanding their google profile capability to provide structured fields like work experience. Do a search on your name and see how your google profile ranks (even if you don’t have Google+). Oh, you don’t have a google profile? You’ll want to get on that if you ever expect people to find what you want them to find when searching your name.

** Google+ is awesome for SEO – jump on it. Jon Mitchell’s piece is an indictment of Google+ from a content creators perspective, but as I read it I couldn’t help thinking with my SEO hat on about how powerful his complaint is when flipped on its head. What if you started posting links to your competitors top content articles before they did? Most of them are sleeping right through Google+, even online types. Your arch competitor writes an awesome contextually relevant article for their business, you post it on Google+ (looking like a fearless competitor all the while) and you get the search ranking along with lots of their traffic, your competitor does all the work. Hmmm. This would be just totally mean and feel 100% unethical…so you can bet it’s taking the SEO world by storm! I’d advise you to post your articles to Google+ first before some ass wipe SEO does.

*** Go fill out your google profile, get a google+ account. Think of it in business terms first, and then add some personal flair. I’m right there with you, mine needs another tune up. Then fill out your Google+ info and start posting all the content you create there. Do it.

**** Google+ could easily become the social network for business because of how much it effects business contexts like your online resume, your business SEO, your online reputation, etc. Of course, they’ll probably have to stop acting like complete fucktards with google+ before that happens.


Via Jon Mitchell Google+ Is Going To Mess Up The Internet on ReadWriteWeb

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