5 Responses to "Google Et Al Mobilizing to Take on Monster, CareerBuilder & Yahoo! HotJobs"
  1. Hayden Simpson says:

    I agree that the branding is questionable. I’m also left wondering when the *other* shoe will drop and whether the shoe will be a big work boot or a black pump? What does Google really have in mind here? Are the rumors of them buying Monster going to come true? I guess we’ll find out in good time.

  2. It would have been really big news had it been true. But again the NY Times has let us down. The reporter apparently didn’t understand the deal. See http://cheesman.typepad.com/seo/2006/01/indeeds_paul_fo.html . From my read, it appears that JobCentral a/k/a DirectEmployers was simply announcing that it was now making its postings accessible to users of Indeed, SimplyHired, and GoogleBase. If so, yawn! We’ve been doing that for a long time as have many other premium job boards.

    Steven Rothberg
    CollegeRecruiter.com job board

  3. Shannon says:

    Hi Steven,
    Yes we heard the news earlier today but thanks very much for noting it here on EXCELER8ion for our readers. It’s a rather important delineation isn’t it! 😉 It makes a lot more sense that this wasn’t getting any airplay in the media now that we’ve learned more…

  4. Lorenz Gude says:

    I think I am overly cynical about the mainstream media and try to rein myself in when it comes to giving them a hard time. Then they make basic mistakes like this and I discover that I’m cutting them slack when I shouldn’t be. I started reading the New York Times in the mid 50s and came to think of it as the paper of record. It wasn’t true until it was in the Times. I can accept the occasional mistake, but there have been too many errors of judgement and too much slack editing. Blogs make us more aware of the mistakes, but there have been too many big ones that have raised questions – like l’affaire Jason Blair – to go on believing the little problems are accidental. Superficially, this one looks to me like a genuine mistake slipping by the editing filters.

  5. John says:

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