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h2>We’re in beta

Welcome. We’re launching in earnest in January 2008. While we work out the best ways to design our site, organize the content, and make it easy for first-time and returning visitors to get around we’ll be publishing new articles to our blog. &#187 Head over there now to see the latest.

You can get acquainted with Local Na8ion just by following our main site navigation at the top of our site.

acquaint yourself with our web site and business through our main web site navigation.

What kind of information can you expect from LOCAL Na8ion

We’ll publish content every week that reveals secrets from the leading edge of Interactive marketing and publishing. Rest assured, our methods aren’t just revolutionary for small businesses with a local focus, we’ve put these these methods to work for major International conglomerates.
Topics we will cover

  • Leveraging free local online Internet marketing
  • Making local online advertising work harder for your business
  • News and reviews of the local publishers, media companies and service providers that you love and loathe or should just plain leave alone
  • How to use web 2.0 sites, communities, and social networks (social media) to increase local sales
  • Secrets to dramatically increase your free search engine rankings and traffic using web 2.0 content publishing tactics
  • Methods of publishing your web site and blog for free
  • Low-cost web site hosting solutions for local web sites and blogs
  • Blogging to connect with local buyers and markets
  • Free and low cost methods of designing your local web site and blog

Hire us Today

Not a do-it-yourself type? If you want trusted experts whose passion it is to help put our methods to work for your business we can’t think of anyone better than LOCAL Na8ion…&#187 Services.

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