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Getting your business listed online should be this easy

Getting your business listed online should be this easy

I’ve written here on LocalNa8ion in the past about the importance of listing your business on Google, Yahoo! and other local directories. This simple act is the cornerstone of local small business marketing on the Internet.


The only problem with this can be the five to fifteen minutes it takes to get listed on every directory you want to list your local business on. Some directories are more complicated to sign up with (but worth it) like Google, who uses a verification process when you claim your listing on their Local Business Center. I don’t think this time investment is a big deal considering the upside you receive in improved local search engine results and findability, but clearly from the performance of most small businesses today. IT IS.

We are not getting it done. 


Most small businesses don’t realize how important this step is, how to accomplish it, or simply haven’t found the time to do so. 

To address this problem we need simpler solutions that require less expertise and time.

Sounds good right?

There is good news.  There are services that accomplish this very thing and some of them are even low in cost. I still recommend and use as a way to get your business listed in one-easy-step for a very lost cost ($30 to get listed on 25 local Internet directories). That’s a good value.  There are still problems with these services though, chief among them that they sometimes create duplicate listings which later need to be deleted.

Screen shot of's home page

Screen shot of

I’m happy to report that there are new tools to help with getting your small business listed correctly online. recently came online and it looks to be a terrific tool. 

“We hope this tool will help small business owners become aware of the free opportunities to market their companies online, and alleviate some of the confusion many of them feel when it comes to the search engines,” commented Sexton.

“The search engines rely on so many different providers for their Local business data, it’s hard even for experts to keep track of where it’s all coming from,” said Mihm. “This tool really puts the power in the hands of the business owners and helps make sure the engines provide correct data to people searching for these businesses.” David Mihm and Pat Sexton of takes the form of an informational tool that allows you to see what’s happening with your listing in one easy step. empowers you by giving you the information you need in a digestible format. Here is a list of their frequently asked questions

I can’t emphasize enough how useful this product is in terms of saving you time and reducing complexity in managing your local business listings. It increase the chances you’ll get listed correctly on as many local directories as possible and it can even help identify if your local listing has been hijacked by another company!

Try today.

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