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Just what do we mean by FREE and Low Cost?

Here at LocalNa8ion we show small business people how to create content, publish it online using an easy-to-update web site publishing tool AND market it online for FREE (or very low cost). Like as in FREE to $10 a month – tops. Really – no bull.

What’s the deal?

We know this sounds like a lot of marketing crap. But wait!

When we say FREE we mean that if you do it yourself it won’t cost you any money.

If you were to have a chart it would look something like this.localna8ion-graph-time-money-relationship.png

So, following this chart (bottom left) if you have NO time to put our do-it-yourself methods to work, than you’re going to have to pay the Piper. The Piper, aka Local Na8ion or someone else of your choice, accepts money.

If you are willing to put in your own time (that’s the top right of our oh-so-humorous chart) then you’ll only have an out-of-pocket of about $10 a month (that’s to pay for NEW web hosting). If you already have a web site host, as many business people do, it won’t even cost you $10 a month (hence the totally free promise we make on our web site). See, we weren’t pulling your leg.

By reading Local Na8ion you’ll get ideas on how to easily create content for your web site on your own, you’ll learn how to select and install (with one-click) a state-of-the-art publishing tool, and you’ll learn about free methods of online marketing that can connect you with new local customers employing methods like local search engine optimization, online word-of-mouth marketing, and blog marketing.

That’s the deal. There’s no catch. It’s the do-it-yourself model and we’re already publishing our how-to articles organized in the framework we call our local three-phase online marketing method.

Oh, you haven’t read about our local online three-phase marketing method?


Read about our revolutionary local three-phase online marketing method™: create, publish, and connect™.

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