Former Knight Ridder Digital leader heads to Yahoo! Marketplaces Unit

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It seems like Yahoo! has a thing for hiring my former bosses and Knight Ridder leaders. At first, I thought they were just trying to get away from me, but I left Knight Ridder before Hilary so I’m not so sure any longer. First, it was Dan Finnigan, who left Knight Ridder Digital to to run Yahoo!Hilary Schneider, former Knight Ridder Exec and new Yahoo! Senior Vice President of Yahoo! Marketplaces Hotjobs. Then my boss Tim Lambert followed Dan to HotJobs, later to run their local search sales effort.

Hilary Schneider, former Knight Ridder Exec and new Yahoo! Senior Vice President of Yahoo! Marketplaces

Now, Hilary Schneider, the rising star of Knight Ridder Digital, and then Knight Ridder, who many thought would succeed Tony Ridder as CEO, is off to run Yahoo! Marketplaces. I don’t know if there is one person who got more screwed, or was made more fortunate than Hilary, by the recent McClatchy purchase of Knight Ridder. I honestly think she would have taken over Knight Ridder (the screwed part) but I don’t think print, or the legacy burdened Knight Ridder was ever the best place for her (the more fortunate part).

Although Hilary has deep roots in the newspaper space, having worked at Tribune before Knight Ridder, she was always a progressive Internet expert and leader. At Yahoo!, especially working for a grounded and intelligent manager like Susan Decker, Yahoo! is a lot more likely to let her expertise and intuition run unbridled in a place where legacy is something no more than a decade old – not 100. Watch out Google.

Congratulations Hilary – we wish you all the best.

Update September 14, 2006

I hasten to add that I am wondering what all this news about Hilary means to Dan Finnigan – Executive VP and General Manager of HotJobs? The information I’ve read so far indicates that Hilary has overall responsibility for all classifieds products, including HotJobs. I have not been able to verify this yet with Yahoo!. Is Dan still going to run HotJobs but report to Hilary? What does Dan’s recent move from NYC based HotJobs headquarters, back to Yahoo! headquarters in Sunnyvale mean – if anything? It was Hilary who took over at Knight Ridder Digital after Dan left for HotJobs, and prior to these moves they worked together closely to put the whole CareerBuilder acquisition together when they represented Tribune and Knight Ridder at the time. As former peers, I would suspect things would get a little uncomfortable if Dan was reporting to Hilary now. But, that’s nothing more than speculation – I’m just intrigued by the moves and what hasn’t been said yet at Yahoo! and what this will mean to us who follow the online recruitment and local space.


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  1. Rajiv Pant says:

    Hi Julian,

    A pleasant surprise to find your blog. Some of our other Knight Ridder Digital colleagues also work at Yahoo — engineers, business development/management folks.

    — Rajiv

  2. Julian says:

    Good to hear from you Rajiv! Yes, I’ve heard from a number of people who are enjoying themselves over at Yahoo!, both from KR days and my former employer out in California Pacific Bell/SBC. I hope you are enjoying Cox and Atlanta still. Stop by EXCELER8ion some time – it’s our main blog. Unfortunately I don’t get around to Localna8ion all that often. Cheers.


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