4 Responses to "Feelin The LinkedIn Love"
  1. Send me the job description and I’ll post it on my blog. Not that that will do much for you, but it’s free. Also, email Maureen Sharib at Sourcers Unleashed and Barry Geiman at Recruiters and Sourcers Exchange . People post jobs on those newsgroups all the time. Also, Brian Toland has a free recruiting jobs newsletter that is growing by leaps and bounds in terms of distribution. And he’s a nice guy too.

  2. Bowin Cheung says:

    Hi Shannon, I just learned about you through LinkedIn.com!! =D I am passionate about internet advertising and am so impressed by your passions and background, too! So, I decided to send you an email to your yahoo mail a/c (which I learned also on the LinkedIn page) to talk about the prospect in the industry~ After that, I decided to explore your blog a bit and found that you are looking for suitable candidates for online advertising! I am a New Grad in May 2006 and am currently looking for job in the advertising/ marketing area. And I so look forward that my first job can land in the internet industry! Please let me know whether you’d like to have a look at my cover letter and resume and I will send them for your review! I look forward to your reply! =) smile~

  3. Shannon says:

    Dear Prospective Candidate: Thanks for your interest! Please send me your resume and let’s set up a time to speak. The position that I speak of in this post is for an Account Executive with the Recruitment Advertising Agency where I work – you can find the job description here:

    Please note that EXCELER8ion.com is the companion blog to EXCELER8, an online marketing consultancy that I have with my husband. Our blog is our space where we discuss our thoughts about online advertising / recruitment marketing and is not associated with any employer.

    Thank you again for your kind words about the blog.

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