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exceler8 is re-designing everything about on our website

Out in the open: I’m re-making my website and pretty much everything on it so don’t be shocked by the typos or things that may leave you scratching your head. It’s temporary. To get a quick overview of what I do just read my about page.

Do you ask yourself on a daily basis how long you can maintain your frenetic pace? My wife and I both do. We work way too much and see too little of each other and our kids. Sound familiar? I have to make the work I do count. And that includes taking time out to build and market my own business. I’ve made the mistake of not updating my website. Shoemakers are famous for neglecting their children’s shoes. We all experience this in our lives.

“The cobbler’s children have no shoes” refers to the phenomena where people who are successful at doing something but don’t demonstrate that in their own personal lives.

Web designers who have a ugly looking personal homepage, personal organizers whose own house is a mess, engineers who have personal projects that are a bundle of hacked together spaghetti code, PR firms which nobody has ever heard of, etc.” from a Quora post

Since I started exceler8 in 2005 I’ve been obsessively building my knowledge and learning an endless array of new skills. And I’m having a delightful time torturing my clients with this experience for the purpose of growing their business and solving their toughest business problems. Although I’ve been in marketing and advertising for 24 years and engaged in professional Internet roles since 1997, the last five years have been eye openers for me. I’ve just started the process of articulating the story of what I’ve learned, putting pieces of it down on my website and moving forward.

The story is what matters. That’s partly why the web design you see in front of you is so much in the background. It’s a clean slate to tell a story with. Along the way I’ll do my best to drop hints and secrets about what I think are the most important things I’ve learned in design, marketing and web tools and how you can save a lot more than just your ass for coming along for the ride.

Right now I’m endeavoring to take a little time out of each week to do this work. It’s what I counsel my clients to do and have found it successful myself in my past. It’s a big job for anyone to tackle this kind of effort and still keep a business and family running. If you happen on my website during these times you could get the wrong idea about the quality that I produce. I care deeply about both how I work and what result I create. I fail as often as the next guy. But my desire to learn about life and the work I do never dims.

So be warned, at least in the case of my own website, you’ll find mistakes whether you’re a web developer pouring over my code or a potential client noticing a glaring typo. I’ll catch all those. For me and my business, it’s better to live through a few mistakes, and even lose some sales, rather than suffer the much larger pain of never launching the next important phase of my business and life. How about you?«


~ julian

President and Creative Director, exceler8 web design and marketing

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