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The exceler8ion family - united, connected, one, Authentic. Ohmmmmmm

All our original content on exceler8ion.com is moving to www.exceler8.com (don’t bother going there now, nothing to see yet).

You’ll still be able to read any exceler8ion post by selecting it as a category on the new site (once www.exceler8.com is setup in a couple of days).

Thanks for the learning, the sharing and the great memories!

First Overall Post
Shannon Seery’s December 16, 2005
Title “Google Base, Optimized Job Postings and the Candidate Experience”

Julian E. Gude’s First Post: December 16, 2005
Title: “The MySpace Generation | BusinessWeek.com”

Total Posts: 274
Grins: Too many to count
Awesome website headers that we still like years later: too many to list (a couple are shown here for old times sake).

All our best
Julian and Shannon
May 3, 2012

exceler8ion.com | Bad Ass Digital Marketing

and no, we didn’t make the “pulling the plug” image below for the occasion, it’s an original header image and just seemed like it was made for a signing off post.  🙂

exceler8ion | pulling the plug

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