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In part three of our series on social media for the small business and local marketer (run time 9:46) we conclude by discussing two more practical tools or applications of social media.

Hint: I will introduce you to online word-of-mouth marketing and next generation online public relations.

Show Links for Word of mouth Marketing – The Word-of-Mouth-Marketing Association.

Make sure to by read Learn WOM 101.

Next, check out the story about how nimble small businesses are especially well positioned to take advantage of word-of-mouth-marketing. Of course you already know this, you may just need to make the transition to using your existing WOM skills in a new online venue.

Show Links for next generation Public Relations (PR)

Fellow Internet OldTimer, plus Twitter Bud and Facebook Friend, the amazing adventurist PR God Peter Shankman.

Then there’s the magnificent, the magnanimous, the one, the only PR 2.0 Guru Brian Solis and yes, another Twitter Socialite like Peter and yours truly – Jinfinite8.

Enjoy and let me know what questions and comments you have – it would be downright social of you.

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editor, Local Na8ion
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