Episode 7: A simple marketing plan

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Epsiode 7 (8:58) In this session we tackle (gasp) PLANNING. Not only that, we try to make it fun. Really! When it comes to a marketing plan, it’s best to think like Steven Covey of 7-habits fame – “begin with the end in mind.” Having a solid plan will greatly increase your chances of success and our simple plan takes just three easy steps: research, act and measure. This is part II in our Real Life series featuring my friend’s new local business FloridaFireFitness.com.

Watch the video below or download a copy for your iPod Video.


p>Any business can use our plan to hit the ground running while not wasting time you don’t have or making your marketing plan unnecessarily complicated. Enjoy the show and please let us know what you think!

You can download our free spreadsheet file template (.xls) featured in our video Podcast to use for your own business marketing plan by following this link.


We started the series with part I on SuperBowl Sunday with the video Podcast Applying our three-phase local online marketing program where we outlined how we’ll follow the progress of FloridaFireFitness.com as we implement Local Na8ion’s three-phase online marketing method (create, publish, connect). Following our three phase method we will create relevant local content, publish it on the Internet using state-of-the-art online publishing methods, and finish by connecting with local buyers using the most effective online marketing techniques – everything from local search marketing to blog marketing.

My friend Ed and his partner are Fire Fighters by day in Palm Beach County Florida and on their time off they help people stay fit, strength train, run a faster mile, or you know… how to muscle a 280 pound man on to a stretcher for emergency transit to the Hospital. They have a practical and unique personal fitness approach that can work for young and old and the beginner to the advanced.

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  1. Dan says:

    I tried to download the spreadsheet, but the link doesn’t work. It takes me to a login page for your google hosted services.

  2. This is an very good post, I never seen such a informative post these days. Really it has very simple plans for achieving the target. Thank you for discussing with us.

  3. Julian says:

    Hi Dan, Sorry about that.

    Not sure what’s wrong as I’ve tested the link again and it works for me (even after I clear my browser cookies and used a different machine). Damn computers! 😉

    I’ll email the file to you! Thanks.

    – Julian
    ed Local Na8ion

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