4 Responses to "Eons.com with a Career Center Powered by Monster"
  1. jorge says:

    thanks for the scoop shannon.. am a bit unsure of the success of this social portal, but it’s obvious that grey is the new black

  2. Shannon says:

    Hi Jorge. Nice blog and thanks for the comment. While I believe that Jeff Taylor may really be able to have a go at this market – I think it has a branding problem. The name Eons focuses on age with a group that will continue work longer and remain engaged longer – they certainly aren’t looking for a site that focuses on getting old.

    Given the huge lifestyle diversity found within this group – I think that it will be essential for them to actually have members of their target audience on staff to make sure that the foundation of the community they are building is true to boomers real interests – not just what Gen X & Yers think that boomers are interested in. The site might be trying to provide too much direction instead of letting the community really build itself.

    What do you think?

  3. jorge says:

    i have to be honest, the eons brand did not hit me in a negative way, and you could argue that i am closer to the target audience than you might be 🙂 It can even be construed as an “i want to work/enjoy life,etc for eons” kinda message…

    in any case, yes – the site’s function and ‘service’ will gain from it being peer-to-peer based. it’s not that younger generations don’t have anything of value to share with the boomers, it’s more about empathiising with a specific life stage, which in turn gets interpreted a million different ways by a million different individuals

    hope you have a great weekend

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