2 Responses to "Employer Brand Triple Threat: Wikis, Blogs and Employee Word-of-Mouth"
  1. regina says:

    One of the most important things in doing this I believe would be to engage the culture in this approach. Actually, I would have a team of employees (diagonal slice) that become the champions of this and help to set the stage in the culture about this…so that it isn’t a bunch of hype from employee marketing, hr, ee communications, etc. and then read/here what might be considered a pack of lies by the culture. As pointed out, survey data should be used to decide whether the company is really ready to undertake a word – of – mouth campaign. And I think asking for buy-in from senior team is a little trite. Whoever is positioning this with the senior team needs to show how this effort links to engagement efforts and leadership development. My contention is if you have great managers you will have a great word of mouth campaign regardless of marketing’s involvement.

  2. jinfinite8 says:

    Always additive – thanks for your comments Regina.

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