DigMyData Business Dashboard Beta (freebie today)

Note: The beta is free until the end of 2011 if you sign up today September 6, 2011. digmydata chart snippet

Are you interested in the stories people tell? How about the stories data tell? 

You’ve probably heard the saying, ‘lies, damned lies and statistics!’ and a chief reason for that is that it’s easy to miss the real story behind the numbers. While truth in statistics for politics aren’t likely to improve, the same can’t be said for Business Intelligence Dashboards.

Business intelligence (in business speak “B.I.”) may well be two of the most important keywords for business owners to research over the next five years as web services transform the data reporting and analysis industry the same way that blogs did for self publishing and journalism. Business intelligence is an arena that is ripe for improvement. Pay particular attention to new web based business intelligence services if you use web services (think Google Analytics or Mailchimp) to run your business and don’t have the time (or a clue) as to how to pull all that information together.

Of course, you’ve thought of all this before. Late at night as you ponder another day trying to figure out which lever of your business will effect your results. We lack time, tools and knowledge about what the most important things are to our business. We often have little or no idea what small actions and results will improve results over the next month or year. We suffer from too much data and not enough understanding about what it all means.

DigMyData is trying to address this by plugging a hole left by various web services from PayPal to Gmail. Here’s how DigMyData describes themselves:

“We claw your business data from the services you use to run your business and expose the secrets it’s been keeping from you

  • » See how your business is put together
  • » Know how your business is doing
  • » Change your behavior to reach your goals faster”

From my early use I can’t say yet if DigMyData is THE transformative business dashboard you’ve been searching for, but they’ve got a lot of stuff right out of the gate. I have tons of websites and loading them in to the default chart view of digmydata is every bit as ‘yuk’ as looking at the source tools themselves but ‘chart sets’ promise a fix for this.  It’s probably worth your time to try digmydata’s beta and take advantage of their free offer through the end of this year. I’m signing up my clients for the free beta and it’s a rare day when I do that with a new service.

Read more about their beta launch here and sign up to try the beta here.


Disclaimer:  digmydata is extending my beta trial by the same time period as is available to the public by signing up for the beta today on their website. I’d recommend the digmydata trial regardless of any incentives.

Julian E. Gude | EXCELER8ion Founder and co-author

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