Debt Ceiling Infographic: All Political Parties to Blame

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The U.S. Debt Ceiling is apparently making the news. This infographic might explain why. It also shows that our debt ceiling has nothing to do with which party controls the White House, Congress or Senate.

One thing that we need to change about our political debate in America is filtering out all the bipartisan results. If an issue has been created or improved by a mutual effort, let’s point that out so we stop wasting time with useless finger pointing.

This starts with us tuning out any media (mainstream or otherwise) that tout one parties political agenda without backing it up. We have to starve the media beast or retrain it. We won’t accept babble, political slants or straight up manipulation. When we do this the politicians are no longer incented to lie all day long (though many won’t be able to help themselves).

Our financial problems require the kind of team effort that won us WW2. Nothing else is going to work.

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