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Here’s a dose of common sense: if you feel icky writing it, your prospects will feel icky reading it.

Don’t you love that quip on writing good copy? It’s so true!

I constantly re-write the drivel I’ve been conditioned to produce as a marketer, and I’m a person who hates marketing wank way more than the average guy.

Here’s what I’ll add to this post:

a) be yourself in your copywriting (unless you are a marketing wanker)
b) if you are a marketing wanker you need immediate reform. Right Now, say it with me:

“Hi, My name is ________ and I’m a marketing wanker! It’s been 30 days since I last used marketing wank in my client copy.”

c) edit the SHIT out of your copy. It’s shit and it needs to be treated like it! One edit is never enough for shitty copy. Case in point. My notebook. No edits. Shitty isn’t it? See, proved my point right there.


Via KISSmetrics blog post on clarity in copywriting

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