How to find traffic-generating topics to blog about for your small business

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Two great tips to generate popular blog posts straight from the lips of a blogging master. Like you I run a small business. We share several things in common. no extra time almost all our actions must be tied directly back to revenue goals we’re probably the ones responsible for writing our own blog posts […]

Google Places now enhanced for smartphones

As Google Places (formerly Google Local Business Center) evolves one of the most important aspects of their development is their mobile presence. The video below shows how Google Places has been enhanced to work more seamlessly with the iPhone, Google Android phones and other Smartphones like BlackBerry’s, Windows Mobile, Nokia and others. With Android, Google […]

Google Places now doing free photo shoots

Along with their name change to Google Places (from Google Local or Google Maps) there are some new useful features and services that the folks in Mountain View have for local businesses in select U.S. and international cities (all major Australian cities!). If you apply at Google you might be one of the lucky businesses […]

New Ways to Engage your Customer

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You may have already heard more than you can take about social networks like Facebook and Twitter or blog marketing. These conversational communications tools are none the less here to stay. Once in a while it’s a good idea to step away from the How-to make a facebook page type article and look at the […]

Where you are is where it’s at

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We just launched a sister practice of LOCAL Na8ion called brand trampoline. I’m writing some posts there to get things started and even though the content is a bit different from the typical fare here I thought you’d be interested. Here’s the first post. There will be more to follow. – Julian, ed LOCAL Na8ion […]

Local Bits, Bytes and BS | Weekly Issue No. 3

Issue 3 – March 11, 2010 Featured Article | The Biggest Mistake in Web Design March 10, 2010 | The biggest mistake in web design is letting your own design taste get in the way of choosing a really great web design. This is especially true for small businesses where one person is the sole decision maker […]