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I’ve featured KISSmetrics here before and I’m doing so now for two reasons. First, their core topic and infographic on coupons tells a very useful story for marketers. The piece stands on its own in terms of smartly communicating lots of otherwise boring info in a digestible way,

Second, KISSmetrics used an intelligent social sharing tactic to ignite conversation on their infographic. At the bottom of their email where I originally read their content they feature a call-to-action headline with a list of twitter friendly headlines for you to use in sharing their story. While most of us enable easy social sharing on our website with icons to major social media, I haven’t seen many provide 6 or 8 possible pre-written headlines to make it dead simple to do so. That’s the kind of commitment to creating a good experience that a certain company from Cupertino is famous for.

Makes me think of the renowned web usability book Don’t make me think by Steve Krug.

Here’s what they did on their email:

Facts and Stats to Tweet:

  • During November 2010 alone, digital coupon traffic rose 27% year-over-year. »tweet« 
  • 31% of consumers say that they look for coupons on coupon websites. »tweet« 
  • 86% of consumers say that a coupon affects their decision in choosing one brand over another. »tweet« 
  • Consumers who use coupons spend an average of 56.5% more than consumers who did not use a coupon. »tweet« 
  • In a study by, the introduction of a promotional discount in remarketing emails caused the shopping cart recovery rate to jump from 18% to 46%. »tweet« 
  • Digital coupon sales for the 2010 holiday period reached a combined $119 million. »tweet« 
  • In 2010, the Southern states led all U.S. regions in online coupon usage. »tweet« 

Well done, eh?

~ julian


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