Best reference for new Facebook Timeline Page image specifications (with handy illustrations that normal human beings can understand)

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New Facebook page design anyone?

As Facebook says on their help page: “get the new Pages design by turning on your preview now, or you can wait until all Pages automically get upgraded on March 30, 2012.”

Either way, it’s high time we all unfurl our new page banners and images across Facebook’s main street.

Do you love a good handy reference document for new information you haven’t locked into a vacant brain cell? Me too, I especially like cheat-sheets that replace all need for memorization and thinking!

I’m updating client Facebook pages to take advantage of Facebook’s new page format so I needed just this kind of cheat-sheet.

My wife Shannon is my social media (and especially Facebook) guru and she graciously provided me with just the thing I was looking for and I’m sharing it with you here today. It’s a beauty.

Now, are you ready for some design inspiration for your facebook page?

I love what Lindsey Sanford Schmitt did with her personal Facebook page here. The interplay between her profile picture and cover photo work together to create an intriguing visual experience (another Shannon link).

Brands or business pages can and have done the same. Here’s a nice example from Hugh Briss where he incorporated a pair of scissors on a business profile picture and a dotted line on the botom of the cover photo to represent a coupon business.

Unlike a photo that just looks interesting, this makes the photo relevant and adds to what is being communicated. All business website photos should be adding to the story, otherwise they’re not helping your conversion rate.

Make sense?

Let me know if you’ve seen any good designs. Or anything that you think does a great job of adding to the story in some way. My friend Ryan suggested we look for bad examples, or ones of what ‘not to do’. Not hard at all I replied, just go look at my weeded out Facebook pages that are overdue for their refurb.


~ julian

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