Applying our three-phase local online marketing program

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Episode 6: Time for us to get real. Time is short, money is tight, and we need ways to grow our company.

It’s time to start applying Local Na8ion’s three-phase local online marketing program in real life – the place where we’re overloaded with information and work and challenges.

We’ll do this by helping our friend Ed and his Firefighter partner get their new business Florida Fire Fitness off the ground (with hook and ladder if need be). You’ll get to come along as I chronicle each move we make.

In this video session that I recorded on SuperBowl Sunday 2008 while out for a bike ride with the kids I talk about our framework for getting you more local customers. It’s what we call our three-phase (create, publish, connect) local online marketing program.

We’ll cover the full range of topics here from the online publishing side where we’ll talk about selecting a web-host, installing WordPress, getting the WordPress options set up, and installing plugins to enchance WordPress’s productivity. Did I mention web site design – yeah, we’ll do that too.

Then we’ll get into some ways to create relevant local content efficiently for Ed’s site that will draw people in from search engines and online communities and keep them coming back for more. We’ll also discuss aspects like how to optimize his site content for local search engines like Google Local and Yahoo! Local. We’ll finish by submitting Ed’s new site to local directories and guides and look at ways to utilize web 2.0 sites like Flickr and Facebook to connect with customers while increasing search engine rank.

Come on – let’s start a three-alarm fire at Florida Fire Fitness!

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