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  1. Mr. Mayo says:


    Cheers to, but don’t try to go to far, as these types of creatives are intrusive…and on top of that threaten some of the premium high dollar products that I can sell direct to advertisers.

    On a side note:

    I do give credit to for cleaning up their acts since the AOL buy-out. However we still have to keep a close eye on them as their fundamentals are sometimes skewed when delivering the appropriate creatives and or pop-ups to the appropriate user-base. The question really is, what are they doing on the 3rd party side?

    Are they collecting more information via 3rd party cookies than most of us really know? ALl of that crunching of data on the ace Adserving backend is leading to what?

    I have been involved in many sessions on this topic including a panel with Esther Dyson (web 2.0 & Safecount) where this was debated. She doesn’t like that users are subjected to massive amounts of cookie drops and 3rd party behavioral data is collected without their knowledge. The solution that was somewhat agreed upon was that Publishers should publish all of this very simply, not in legaleeze..

    This leads to an entirely different topic, but related nonetheless…just some food for thought.

    Great job on the blog Julian. As my mentor and former boss at Knightridder Digital, this is kicking some serious ass and I know Exceler8 will be very successful. This is one of many posts that I will be making on Exceler8ion. Watch for my own blog, coming soon!

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