We offer a full range of digital design, media production, creative, content, and web technology services – everything you need to connect and communicate with your customer online. From WordPress web design and publishing, to digital multi-media production, online communications, training, or web technology and automation projects.

Hourly Rates

  • Hourly rates are best for one-time projects
  • We charge a $1,000 minimum per hourly job (e.g. to edit an existing website or create an email campaign)
  • Hourly rates are invoiced for actual time expended

Rate Tiers

All of our hourly rates reflect a high standard of specialization in some form of digital design, media production, online communications, or web technology. If you see it online, we make it. Different projects require different levels of expertise. Our hourly rate tiers range from $28 per hour to $150 per hour. You never pay more than you need too in order to get your task or project completed.

All projects include some amount of time billed at our Web Expert Level ($150 / hr) to cover project strategy, definition (scope), project management, or communications.

Web Expert Hourly Rate $150 per hour (Level 4)

Experts combine the highest level of creative, business, and technical skills and knowledge. This includes consulting projects, Internet marketing and strategy, management of online marketing function and resources (internal and external), project scoping, project management, media production, branding, online engagement plans, conversion rate optimization, creation of offers, strategy & planning functions, story development (consulting + copywriting), integrated marketing and sales strategies, business intelligence dashboards, web technology strategies and execution, social media planning, search engine optimization strategies, web or mobile development & database work (custom web apps and code), photo and video shoot management, live-streaming, and online training.

Web Professional Hourly Rate $98 (Level 3)

Professionals combine senior level skills in their creative or technical field and know how to integrate their solutions in any environment or context. Professionals are available at exceler8 in Website design, web development, digital media production, conversion rate optimization, complex web operations, API’s, project management, search engine optimization, copywriting, social media optimization, complex system administration, online graphics and logo work, online sales or marketing collateral (valid CSS, HTML 4 and 5, Javascript, php, Python and Ruby code and WordPress customization).

Web Generalist Hourly Rate $58 (Level 2)

Generalists know the web and how to make it work and have mastered the skills required to complete their work independently. They work with their exceler8 project manager on assigned client work. This includes common end-to-end tasks associated with Website design or development and maintenance & updates, web operations, website FAQ, tactical (mid level) search engine optimization work, general assistance, marketing operations, technical support and some lower levels of digital media production.

Web Support Hourly Rate $28 (Level 1)

All the work that’s fit for a web centric support and administrative task (managed worry free by exceler8). Our web support people know the tools and processes used by professional admins the world over, and also have web centric knowledge in the web design, development, and web services arena so that they can keep projects and other team members working at optimum efficiency.

Fixed Price Project Fees

  • We can work with you to define your project in enough detail so that we can set a fixed budget or price.
  • Fixed price projects start at $5,000
  • A fixed price project includes an agreed upon set of detailed requirements and deliverables
    • WordPress web design (or re-design) projects start at $5,000
    • Digital strategy, media production, marketing, consulting, training, and web technology projects start at $5,000


Discounted Monthly Services Packages (retainer)

A discounted monthly service package (often referred to as a retainer) reserves dedicated time on our calendar to complete your recurring and ad-hoc work. The number of hours must meet a minimum threshold of $2,000 per month for a minimum of three months to qualify for discounted pricing and reservation of on-call personnel. Monthly packages combine the advantages of a discounted fixed fee for budgeting with the convenience of an on-call in-house team that you can depend on. Call or email for a custom quote.

  • Monthly services packages are best for recurring work and ad-hoc access to expert help on special tasks or projects
  • Monthly services packages start at $2,000 per month for a minimum of three months

Payment and Terms

Please read our full payment terms and conditions here.

We offer a 10% discount to referrals from existing customers, friends, or repeat customers.