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Consulting and Web Services – exceler8 Corporation


  • Hourly Rates: Unless specifically noted on your invoice, all services are billed based on actual hours worked using our published rates.
  • Hours worked are invoiced in six minute increments in one or more of our four rate tiers (Level 1 – 4).
    • Level 1 Web Support Hourly Rate $28
    • Level 2 Web Generalist Hourly Rate $58
    • Level 3 Web Professional Hourly Rate $98
    • Level 4 Web Expert Hourly Rate $150
  • Our minimum invoice or job is $1,000.
  • We offer a 10% discount to referrals from existing customers, friends, or repeat customers.

Payment Terms

  • Unless specifically noted on your invoice, all payments are due prior to project start.
  • We charge a $1,000 minimum per project or invoice.
  • Projects/invoices $1,000 or below are due in full 72 hours prior to project start date.
  • For all projects over $1,000 in estimated services
    • 50% of the estimated project invoice is due at project start, with the actual balance due no later than 30 calendar days after your project state date.
      • Example:
        • Your estimated project is $4,000 and begins on October 12th (project start date).
        • You pay $2,000 (50% of your estimated project balance) by October 8th, 72 hours prior to the project start date.
        • Your actual project hours total $4,300. You pay the remaining balance of $2,300 no later than 30 calendar days after the October 12th project start date.

Payment Methods

  • We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, or check.


  • All sales are final: We do not offer refunds on services rendered.
  • Materials and outside labor: We do not offer refunds for any materials or outside labor charges that we incur on your behalf (services rendered).
  • Upfront Fees or Payments: We may offer a partial or full refund of any upfront fees collected from you prior to any work being completed (services rendered), provided that you notify exceler8 in writing at least 72 hours prior to the project start date using our contact page.
    • We do not offer refunds of any upfront fees for projects or services where we expect to begin work immediately or within 72 hours of your purchase date/time.


  • When you purchase consulting and web services from exceler8 you will receive a receipt of your payment via email. You will also have access via your email invoice to download a copy of your receipt for up to 30 days after payment.

License for project materials, documents, project related information materials, third party products and services

exceler8 Corporation License: All original consulting, design, project documentation, and project related information services (such as training materials) are licensed for single use © exceler8 Corporation, all rights reserved.

Third Party License: exceler8 may use, purchase, or consume a license on your behalf to use in your project for creative or technical materials. These materials are limited to the single use of the project, will all rights reserved by the original license holder. Common examples include stock or custom photos, video, graphics, code, plugins, and web software.

Third Party Web Services: exceler8 may use, purchase, or consume web services on your behalf to use in your project. These materials are limited to the single use of the project, will all rights, terms, and conditions reserved by the original service provider or license holder. Common examples include web hosting, content management systems, online email and communications platforms, communications services, domain registrars, social media sites, paid WordPress themes, platforms, plugins and services, media publishing services, advertising services, and others.

Online Information Services

At this time exceler8 does not offer any paid information services (such as online training) via one time or monthly subscription fee.


If you have any questions about exceler8 Corporation services please email or call us with any questions.

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