Here’s a little story of my own…

Photo of Julian Gude, founder, president, and creative director at exceler8

Hi, My name is Julian Gude and I’m the Founder, President, and Creative Director of exceler8. I started exceler8 in 2005 after a twenty-year career in Corporate America where I gained experience in the areas of expertise I now offer as services. Full Bio Here »

What I do: I help you uncover the missing formula in your business growth.

How do I do that?

I offer creative and technology services like web design, writing, and video with consulting in digital marketing strategy, content marketing, advertising, web operations, and automation. I lead and contribute to every project I take on and rely on a team of specialists from around the world to help me deliver the best results for the job at hand. I serve customers in the U.S. but have occasional International clients as well. I’m a small shop and I want to stay that way. I want to do great work. I strive to deliver better solutions and results. I don’t care about image, I care about making a difference. I approach the world as a student, with an open mind and style that values extra large doses of study, experimentation, and work. The work I produce is almost always novel, in part because of my cross-functional experience, and in part because I look at your business growth holistically, not just through the narrow lens of a specialist. My solutions create experiences by combining creative, analytical, and technical  ingredients  designed to nurture and attract your ideal customer or audience.

How I typically work with you

I work with you to unearth and better tell your story to the right people, in the right place and time. I believe long term success favors my multidisciplinary approach that combines strategy, creative, media, technology, and operational considerations that I bring together to create great online experiences your customers and audiences will value.

I create online experiences to attract your ideal clients.

My competitors offer one-dimensional solutions

My competition rely heavily on specialized knowledge and skills (all the world looks like a nail if you’re a hammer). Teams with one superstar don’t win. Solid teams do. A web designer who isn’t aware of copywriting or has no clue about how to uncover your ideal prospect will never design a website that converts browsers into more traffic or leads. A search engine optimization specialist may get you higher search results but the traffic you receive in return is rarely converted into actionable prospects that are relevant to your business.

This pattern emerges again and again in my field and is the single largest challenge that you face in hiring a web firm to help you. To gain customers you must offer them a better experience. To that end, your overall online marketing and operations dictate that experience and is how your prospects and audiences perceive you. Does your website and online presence represent the essence of why you’re good at what you do? Does it show you’re not just one of the herd? In the end, you can’t just focus on a single solution like a “fresh design” or better google ranking – instead, work with me to deliver an experience designed to help you achieve long term growth.

Ongoing Relationships or One-time Projects

I’d like to work with your business or organization to manage your digital marketing and online operations on an ongoing basis (starting at $1,500 a month). I’m also available for one-time projects starting at $3,000 that encompass digital strategy, consulting, site or brand audits, social, mobile, web design, marketing automation, optimized online operations, creative services, training and coaching – everything your business or organization needs to thrive.

Website Design, Marketing, Creative, and Technical Services

  • Marketing strategy, analysis and planning that help you uncover and connect with your ideal prospect or audience.
  • Better tell your story with our creative services (writing, copywriting, content marketing, video, mobile, photo, social, search, logo, graphics, and more).
  • Start connecting with buyers or new audiences – we’ll craft a multi-dimensional web strategy and online presence that works.
  • Let us manage your entire online marketing function and web operation starting at $1,500 a month.
  • Reach new customers or audiences with Internet and email marketing.
  • Increase leads and traffic with better Google rankings using search engine optimization & local SEO.
  • Improve your sales and customer service with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube marketing.
  • Stop losing sales or new visitors with a new integrated sales & marketing process.
  • Make it easier to update your website with a modern content management system.
  • Use conversion rate optimization methods to identify and optimize your website text, graphics and photos.
  • Make your website faster and more secure from hackers.
  • Measure your results and uncover what to focus on with business intelligence dashboards.
  • Learn to use the best tools and methods to manage your online marketing and sales with our training & coaching.
  • Never lose your data with our fully-automated backups and keep your website up and running using the latest web software and security systems.
  • Stop worrying about where your next customer or audience is going to come from.

At exceler8, I love to experiment with the leading edge of web marketing and technology but I do so in the pursuit of value, not at the expense of it. I don’t get distracted by the tools or methods I use because I keep my focus on the results we’re trying to produce.

The Art in Results

There’s a method and an art to producing results – it’s what I call the exceler8™ formula

  • The right story and focus
  • The right knowledge and people
  • The right tools and process

What does this methodology produce?

Big ideas. Accelerated results.

exceler8™ | Uncover the missing formula in your business growth.

“You may be looking for a silver bullet for your marketing and advertising problems but I can show you that you don’t need one.”