A website that generates sales leads

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The problem with 99% of small business websites is that no one finds them. That’s why a common refrain goes something like…

I searched for myself on Google and Found Nothing.

Small to medium sized business owners focus on the flash of a new design instead of the effect they’re looking for (higher sales). At LOCALNa8ion we recommend you transform your website into your next star sales person.

A website with the right Local search engine optimization (Local SEO) applied to it will drive offline sales to your store for pennies on the dollar compared to traditional advertising costs like Yellow Pages or Direct Mail.

Local Searches Drive Offline Sales

Florists Miami
House Cleaning Wellington
Savannah Italian Food

These are the local searches happening on Google, Yahoo! and other search engines and online directories that are leading to offline sales for local small businesses everywhere. In fact, for every $1 spent online the Internet drives $3.45  in offline store sales. Each lead that you get from your organic search engine results is 100% free. That’s why we offer you advice on our blog and how-to videos on how to utilize free and low cost Internet Marketing tools and methods!

We can build it for you

If you want us to build you a website that’s a true web marketing platform we’re in the final days of a great sale for our Percolator Package. For $558.88 we build out your small business Website on WordPress, fine tune it for Local SEO, and turn you loose with hosting, training and other support so you can start getting free sales leads from Yahoo!, Google and other online sources.

The Percolator Sale Ends Friday March 13th 2009

Percolator Package Sale Ends next Friday 13th

Until next week you can grab one for $558.88 before it returns to its regular price of $999.99.

3 Responses to "A website that generates sales leads"
  1. Keith says:

    I’m always amazed at how many companies don’t take the time to list on Local Search Engines and Directories. I know its a pain but how much do they want business? I suggest checking out http://www.emarketingmatador.com/step-2-local-search-directories and getting started.

    We created that for our local web clients. Hope others find it useful too!

    • Julian says:

      Hi Mat, Unfortunately the majority of small business owners avoid the Internet because they think it’s still too complex or difficult to understand. Of course, it’s NOT and hopefully between the two of us we’ll get the word out! 😉

      Related to this I believe there is a silver lining to our current economy – it’s forcing all of us out of our comfort zone. New clients are seeking out the Internet because they know they need to do something different.

      I hope readers read your article that you link to above – it’s a good piece. We also use and recommend UniversalBusinessListing.org, it’s a super inexpensive solution to get your business listed on tons of directories for the Princely sum of $30 a year. I use UBL for my own clients and my own business.

      Thanks for stopping by Mat!

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