8 tips for small business homepage designs that actually work

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  <blockquote class="posterous_long_quote"><h1>8 tips for small business homepage designs that actually work</h1>

    I admit it. I love to argue. I love to debate. I love to pick apart someone’s reasoning point by point. And the truth is, I am extremely annoying. Partly because I’m really good at it. But I think mostly because I don’t know when to quit.

But you know, underneath the thrill of the fight is a good, old-fashioned, honest desire to see the truth win out. So in this article, I don’t mean to pick a fight. I’m just genuinely concerned about all the terrible advice I see on the web. I worry that people who don’t know better will follow it and end up sinking instead of swimming.

<p>D Bnonn Tennant (aka The Information Highwayman) offers up useful copywriting and conversion design tips that <em>anyone</em> can use - from business owners to marketing wankers. This article dispels common design recommendations that overgeneralize advice or simply miss the point around what produces actual results. 


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