5 practical autoresponder ideas

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Check out this post from Mailchimp on 5 practical email autoresponder ideas and then check out how I’m going to use email autoresponders in my own business and for my web marketing clients in 2012.


I’m looking to really ramp up my use of email autoresponders in my own business exceler8 as well as for my clients. I eat my own dog food as they say.

Mailchimp is the tool I use for this and the one I setup by default for my clients.

Why would you want to use email autoresponders?

  • Save your time
    * Decrease response time to common customer requests
    * Improve message consistency
    * Provide an appropriate level of automation (don’t go overboard)
    * Create a positive customer experience

Some areas where I’ll be using email autoresponders more in 2012 for myself and clients:

  • Nurturing prospects
    * Client onboarding
    * Project Management

Start by thinking about both operational and marketing/sales emails that could create better outcomes for your business.


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