12 Must Read SEO Blog Posts

in Blog This article was originally published by Julian Gude on The Remarkable Blog from exceler8.com
<b>12 Must Read Blog Posts That I Always Refer Back To</b><br /><div class="gmail_quote"><div><div> <a href="http://www.distilled.net/blog/seo/12-must-read-blog-posts-that-i-always-refer-back-to/" target="_blank">http://www.distilled.net/blog/seo/12-must-read-blog-posts-that-i-always-refer-back-to/</a></div><div><br />There are some nice SEO reference pieces here you can use for your own search engine optimization effort or to communicate SEO principles and tactics with clients. <p /> ~julian<p />Via Distilled.net<br /></div><div><br />SEO Search engine optimization <p /> <br /></div></div> </div>

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