What’s your story?

Behind every successful business there’s a good story. What’s yours?

People relate to stories. So that’s where your marketing approach needs to start. And we want to tell the kind of stories that get results. While others in my field stop at web design, or copywriting, or advertising and search engine optimization, I help you uncover and tell your story in a way that connects with people. Then we find the people who already want what you’ve got (have you noticed these people take much less convincing?). That’s the crux of the system I use to generate results in a way that leaves you and your prospects and customers feeling like happy shiny people.

Why storytelling is better than marketing, advertising or sales

Marketing and advertising suck. Sales too. If there was a holy trinity for things that people hate, it would probably be sales, advertising and marketing. Am I right?

But these things don’t have to suck. There’s nothing inherently evil about any of them. In fact, you can’t have a successful business without them.

So how can you increase your sales or audience without having to suck? That’s what I want to help you with. Your story.

Your story must be told in a way that is more appealing to your prospect, better than your competitors, and shoots you to the top of the heap when it’s time for your buyer to make a decision. We use the best online tools and methods to create a story that your customer or audience can identify with. And we employ the full breadth of Internet tools and services to do this. Things like WordPress websites and blogs, search engine optimization and advertising, landing pages, online video, email, social and mobile. We bring it all together with professional project management, coaching, tools to manage results, and training & support.*

Many of my clients find they don’t have the time or expertise to create and manage an online marketing effort, much less create a web design that actually produces leads or builds an engaged audience. Most web designers you can hire can’t even do that. But I can. And you need results from your website and online marketing. That’s my business. I’m like the experienced digital marketing director you’d love to be able to hire, but at a fraction of the annual cost.

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